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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

MOM'S BEST - Made with love!
I had so much fun making the paper bag album above. I used old things, new things and made up some things.
The album is made on an old wooden spoon. This spoon was my grandma's and I had it sitting a drawer. I never used it, just looked at it from time to time. On the spoon part there are 2 black marks from the wood heating up too hot and it looks like it has been burned. The finish is all gone and all that is left is a great old spoon, worn and used over the years with love. Now I have given the spoon a new purpose. I have sewn 2 paper bags around the handle and made it into an album to hang on my kitchen wall. I have hung a tin heart and a couple of buttons from it and then built my book on the bags. There is a line of "kitchen paper" and matching embellishments that is very homey. Loved using it. I added a few checked pieces of paper and a flower that I roughed up.
The album can be used for photos, or good ole family recipes and hung in your kitchen. This was truly a pleasure and very enjoyable. Try something new today and happy scrappin'.