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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Final Lesson Of Our Series

1. Photo #1 , 2 & 7 The final 2 pages! The first page of this series is fairly simple to put together. Cut a plain base, followed by a printed sheet to fit inside. Adhere printed to base. Next cut the right sheet. Cut a sheet to fit a little more that 1/2 way. Indent and adhere. Refer to photo. I used a piece of the mini scalloped used in lesson #6. Cut another sheet to fit inside of the scalloped sheet just cut. Indent and adhere. Along the left side of the mini scallop sheet you will be cutting and adhering a piece of lace.
Adhere lace. If you have the room to add a small piece of ric rac do so now. Mount this piecing to the paper bag. Adhere with clothes pins. Let dry.

2. Photo #5 & 6 We will work on the final page first. Cut your main paper to fit about 1" inside the dress. The mini scalloped paper left from 2 lessons ago will be perfect for the scallops of the skirt. Cut it to fit the bottom of the base paper. Attach to bottom. Then using decorative scissors cut 2 accent colors to be placed between the paper and the mini scallop seam. Refer to photo. Attach all to the back-inside dress. Use clothes pins for a nice overall adherence.
3. Photo # 3 Overall look at the last 2 pages.
4. Photo #4 Shows the type of paper lace used in this project. Just peel off the back and you are ready to stick down. Very nice product.
5. Photo 8 & 9 Put the front and the back together. Lay flat, front up. Thread lightweight ribbon through the matching holes that were previously made. Tie pretty bows. Do not pull tight, leave a little loose. Set the dress up and it should stand by itself.
6. Photo 10 At the bottom, on the front of the dress. Spell out the name of the person you made the book for.
We finished the whole project together. I would like feedback from you. Please send it to my email address. Not everyone want to be a member of gmail, so just send your comments to the email.
Your email will really help me. Please feel free to address any issues or unclear steps you had with this project. Your honest feedback will help me next time.
Thank you for being a part of this project and I look forward to the next time. Until then,
Be happy scrappin'

Monday, February 25, 2008

1. Photo #1 This an overall look at how these 2 pages will look. Please take your time to look closely. The pages look harder that you think. Also one of the punches I used is from Fiskers and it is used for edging.
You can use any edger that you choose for your project. If you do not have an edger, use decorative scissors.
2. Photo#2, 3 & 4 Cut your 2 base papers. Cut your decorative strips. I used pink and green. Layer one on top of the other. Dark on light would look best.
Adhere to base paper. Take care to mount on sides and along bottom.
You must leave a pocket for the tags. Add a length of ribbon along the bottom for a finished look.
When you've completed both pages, adhere to paper bag. Hold down tightly with clothes pins. Let dry.
3. Photo #5 Punch out tags. I use double tags. 1 large tag, 2 medium tags and 1 set of 3 tags. You may want to do this process 2x. The tags will be tucked in to the pockets. Add ribbon. The small tags (set of 3) punch a small hole in each. Attach onto a safety pin. Attach the safety pin to a clip. Attach clip to the pocket. Do this for both pages.
4. Photo #6 At the top of the bottom page use lettering that says
I (love) you. The word love is a heart with the center out. You can then fill in the center with a colored pen.
You are done with this set of pages. The next set will be the final set.
Until then - Happy Scrappin'
Email me with any questions.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

1. Photo #1 - Using a print for the base paper, cut the corner of a Bazzill mini scalloped paper. Place in the middle, adhere. Punch holes in every other scallop. Add brad. In lower left corner add ric rac. Your stickers can be added wherever you think would look nice. Mount this page to the book. Using clothes pins, be sure paper is down all the way around.
2. Photo #3 - We are going to use the same print on the bottom and the other corner of the mini scallop. Same as before add brads, ric rac and adhere to page. Place stickers.
3. If you will notice between the 2 pages I have placed the word - SWEET. I used brown lettering so it would show up nicely against the white. You're finished!
On Monday I will do the next set of pages. Until then, happy scrapping.
Any questions, just ask.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


1. Photo #1 - is an overall look at the 2 pages. They are really simply done and it looks complicated.

2. Photo #2 - Cut the base sheet . The sheet on top (pink) is cut 4x4 square. Put on the diagonal. Adhere to base sheet. Build 2 flowers. I layered 1 flower with a sticker flower on top and a brad. Mount to the paper. Glue and adhere to the paper bag. On the right side I chose the word CHERISH and stuck it down the side.

3. Photo #3 - The base sheet is the same as the one above. The pink sheet is slightly smaller and adhere. I then punched out 2" scallopped, Put them, 1 in each corner. In the center mount a large pink flower with a sticker and a brad. The word above it is beauty. It is a rub-on.

And you are finished. That was fast.

The next lesson will be on Saturday. We are almost there.

Until next time.


Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1. Photo #1 - Gives you an overall view of what we will do today. The first and second pages of this book.
2. Photo #2 - The embellishments you chose are different from the ones I actually used. I am going to give you an overall look at what to place, and where. At the top of the bottom of the dress, inside of cover, you need to use a striking accent. I used 3 flowers. Glue them on. Next I put 3 sticker flowers inside each.
3. Photo #3 & 4 - Next cut your photo mat and adhere it below the 3 flowers. Center it. Then outline it with lace or any other embellishment to bring attention and finish to the mat. Under the photo mat the word ME. The person you are making the book for, their name can go here instead of me.
4. Photo 5 & 6 - Page 2, or the first page of the paper bag album, is built using the same main paper as on the upper page. What I did was to choose a base paper, then cut out the photo mat to match the one above. This helps to give the 2 pages similarity. I then chose a very sheer ribbon to add and then adhered it to the page. The ribbon will help to hold down the photo used. Be sure to glue the page down firmly. This is a good place to glue and pinch down all the way around with clothes pins. In the right lower corner I added another sticker flower just for interest. At the top center I added a die cut flower to match the 3 on the previous page. Added bling to the center. Just below it, in the white part of the first page, I used sweetheart with a small flower at the end of it.
Enjoy, and talk to you tomorrow. for any questions.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


1. Photo #1 - Add the ribbon to the back of the dress. Attach firmly.
2. Photo #2 - Lay both the back (down) and front (down) side by side.
3. Photo #3 - Choose the bags you are going to use. Approximate size used in the photo are 6" by 12 1/2" tall. I chose the white bags. You can use white or any color to go with the major colors in this project.
4. Photo #4 - Fold the bags in half. Crease at center. Be sure crease is set tight. Clothes pins. I used the pincher clothes pins to keep the bags from slipping while I am sewing them. Using a pencil make a line in the crease about 1" in on both sides of bags. This will give you a straight line to sew them together.
5. Photo #5 & 6 - Attaching the inside dress to both covers. Put the adhesive on the back of both back and front. Next on the 1/2" perimeter use a wet glue all around the edge. Do not over glue. Attach the dress by laying in place. All around the edge use the pincher clothes pins to hold together. This will insure that your edges are down and glueing together.
I know it looks stange, but it works. Lay aside for about 10 to 15 minutes.
6. Photo #7 & 8 - Mounting the bags on the back cover. Line up the bags and give yourself about 1 - 2" from the bottom edge. Line the bags so they are straight across. You may have an overlap at the top. That's ok, you can trim that. Once you have them where you want, hold down with the pinchers (clothes pins). Put in your sewing machine, as shown in the photo. Sew along your drawn line. You can back up, but only for a few stitches. Take off machine and do not cut the thread yet.
7. Photo #9 & 10 - Glue the ends with a glue pen. Set aside. When glue dries, clip ends, close.
8. Photo #11 - Turn the back over. You now have a line on the back from attaching the bags to the dress. If you have some paper lace with adhesive backing, now we will use it. Just take it across the back, from side to side. This covers up the thread. Gives a nice finished look.
9. Photo #12 & 13 - Lay the 2 dress covers neck to neck, right side up for both. At the top of the 2 sleeves on both the back and front of the dress, make a mark for grommets. Center the two marks. Next using a small punch, or small setting on your crop-a-dile make 2 holes on each shoulder. Insert gommett and attach. There will be 2 on each shoulder, 8 total.
10. Photo 14 & 15 - Shows grommets after attachment.
Take time to look at the edges of the front and back cover to be sure there is not overlap showing after adding the back to both pages. If there is trim back as needed for a talored finished look.
Tomorrow we will start building our pages. Pick out all the embellishments and lettering that you may want to use. It is a good idea to have a lot to choose from.
Till then,
Any questions or comments, please email me at:

Saturday, February 16, 2008



1. Photo #1 and #2 at top of page: Trace your pattern onto the back of your paper choice. When finished add about 1/4" all around the pattern. You need this to fold over the dress. Cut it out, following the outside line. You can look closely at the photo and see how I did it. Cut out both the front and back covers of the book.

2. Photo #3 and 4: Put adhesive on the right side of the pattern and attach the paper pattern to it. Be sure to follow your pattern lines. Smooth out with your hands. A good dry paper glue will work fine. On the next step, look real close at the photo and you will see how I cut the pattern every so often so the dress paper will lay smoothly all the way around. In the arms and neck the cuts need to be smaller and closer together. Using a good glue (wet) go around the pattern and glue to the chipboard pattern. Repeat this on both chipboard patterns.

3. Photo #5 : Choose your ribbon and apply it to the front of dress pattern. Make your bow.

4. Photo #6: Apply the trim at the sleeves, hemline, and neckline. On both the front and back of the book.

5. Photo #7: This photo gives you an idea about how the trim should look. I chose a trim that would go around the neck, sleeves very easily. Something flexible.

6. Photo #8: The last one in this series. This is what the front of the book should look like when you have finished with this lesson. The back of the book should look the same, only do not add the ribbon for the bow. There is not a bow on the back.

That is today's lesson. My computer acted up a bit today so I am running late. All is fixed now and we are running fine.
Tomorrow is Sunday, and I will continue on Monday. Have a great day. Till next time,