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Monday, February 25, 2008

1. Photo #1 This an overall look at how these 2 pages will look. Please take your time to look closely. The pages look harder that you think. Also one of the punches I used is from Fiskers and it is used for edging.
You can use any edger that you choose for your project. If you do not have an edger, use decorative scissors.
2. Photo#2, 3 & 4 Cut your 2 base papers. Cut your decorative strips. I used pink and green. Layer one on top of the other. Dark on light would look best.
Adhere to base paper. Take care to mount on sides and along bottom.
You must leave a pocket for the tags. Add a length of ribbon along the bottom for a finished look.
When you've completed both pages, adhere to paper bag. Hold down tightly with clothes pins. Let dry.
3. Photo #5 Punch out tags. I use double tags. 1 large tag, 2 medium tags and 1 set of 3 tags. You may want to do this process 2x. The tags will be tucked in to the pockets. Add ribbon. The small tags (set of 3) punch a small hole in each. Attach onto a safety pin. Attach the safety pin to a clip. Attach clip to the pocket. Do this for both pages.
4. Photo #6 At the top of the bottom page use lettering that says
I (love) you. The word love is a heart with the center out. You can then fill in the center with a colored pen.
You are done with this set of pages. The next set will be the final set.
Until then - Happy Scrappin'
Email me with any questions.

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