It is my pleasure to bring to you a blog site full of ideas, projects and techniques. Please take your time to go through it. You are more than welcome to use my ideas for your own personal use. I do ask that you do not use my ideas for submissions to contests, publications or to sell. I would love to see any ideas of mine created by you. I will be more than pleased to display them here on my blog. Please be aware that some of my acrylic books have been copyrighted and cannot be copied.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Although the colors are numerous, this layout is not only colorful but very interesting. I used again the new Prima color paper using flowers this time. I colored them the same as the splotches on the paper. On the right I cut a part of a frame and mounted it. The flowers are then placed at the top and side of the photo mat. The photo slides right under the two flowers.

No name given to this layout, as it can be used for so many subjects. Just pick out the subject you need and go for it. Very versitile paper.

Try something new today and happy scrappin'.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The above layout was very interesting to do. I had this paper and could not figure what to do with it. After concentrating for a few minutes I figured it out. Wow, this would make a good layout for a boy birthday. So that is what I did. The strong blues, oranges and a shot of yellow add to the masculine effect of the paper. In the upper left hand corner I used the new Prima color paper. You color the design your self and it can become anything you want it for. I followed the main colors of orange with a shot of yellow. Turned our pretty good. I then cut out enough of the corner to add interest. In the lover right hand corner is a block with lines on it. The paper comes that way. I just cut out what I needed and added it for a journaling block. I really "got into" this layout and really enjoyed it.
Try something new today and happy scrappin'.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The above paper bag album was one of the last Thomas albums that I did. I have done about 5 or 6 and this one was the latest. I really enjoyed making this album and made many places for photos of the Thomas lover. When you open the album to the first 2 pages I crafted a round house. I know that children have favorites and I made a special place for Thomas and 5 friends pictures. I made lots of tags, lift up photo mats, slip under photo mats and even a tag that holds a coloring picture with a special place for the date done.
Have fun looking at this book. I am really getting in the mood to do another. I have made albums per special requests and love the bright outcome of the project.
Try something new today and happy scrappin'.

Monday, May 26, 2008

I have posted 2 other patriotic layouts before. This the last one I have done. I may do a special Memorial Day one today. I have some photos to use.
My country tis of thee
Sweet land of LIBERTY
Of thee I sing,
Land where my fathers' died
Land of the Pilgrims' pride
From every mountainside
Take a moment to really consider the lyrics of the song. Our country, with all of it's flaws and rights. We are the first to be on the scene of disasters, human rights violations and many other man-made errors. God gave each of us a wonderful gift and we each need to search our hearts to find what we can do to further freedom for ALL mankind.
Thanks for letting me ramble on today. Have a wonderful day and enjoy the freedom that only comes with being an American.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

The above acrylic album was created by and copyrighted by SANDRA WILSON
I have had this concept for a while and finally did it! The first 3 pages are a regular 8x8 acrylic album. The final page (4) has the Christmas Tree cut out. If you will look at the last photo you will see what I mean. The last page of the album has a cut out on one side of a Christmas Tree. I went ahead and painted this example so you could see exactly how the tree would look, painted or inked. If you choose to buy this album from me the tree will be plain acrylic. I will leave the decorating and color of the tree to you.
I am going to post my books on my site. On the right side of this blog you will see a place for you to click on to purchase acrylic books. I will have photos, sizes and books there for you to purchase. Just email me what you are interested in and I will be back in contact with you.
Thank you for taking time to look at my work. I truly enjoy doing the acrylics. There is such a vast amount of ideas to try and create. I hope you enjoy reading my site.
Create something new today and happy scrappin'.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

We are almost there! The passing of spring is very close. The warm to hot days of summer is right around the corner. Memorial Day and then July 4th. Wow, where does the time go?
A single page layout captures all the essences of summer. The bright cheery colors, the watermelon with a bite out of it, the green grass and the dragon flies. The watermelon and the watermelon bite were both created by me. I designed them and cut them out. The slice opens up to reveal 4 photo mats for pictures. A round clip is used to keep it shut when not opened. I had fun creating this layout and hope you will enjoy it too.
Have a great day and try something new today. Happy scrappin'.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

With Father's Day right around the corner I thought I would post one of my favorite Father's Day books that I made. I did it in the image of a large tag. There is lots of room for photos and journaling. It came out real nice and is a great gift.
Take time to look at the pictures and maybe you could make one also. I used cardstock cardboard to make the pages and then added the paper and embellishments. There are lots of special papers and embellishments to use. You could use his favorite past time as a theme. Sports, hobbies, activities, etc. You got the idea.
Try something new today and happy scrappin'.

Friday, May 16, 2008

The above 2 layouts were done for Scrappersaurus Scrapbook Store. I thoroughly enjoyed designing them and the colors are absolutely beautiful. The paper was made by K & Company. The transparency is by Fancy Transparencies. I also used lace, brads and some Bazzill Basics Paper.

I hope you enjoy them. Remember you can use any of my layout ideas. I have many more in the archives. Just click on a date and see if they come up.

Thanks for checking in and have a wonderful day. Try something new today and happy scrappin'.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I have, over time, have had quite a few people ask me if I was going to do an acrylic dress album. I did! The acrylic dress was made to match the chipboard dress, except for the scallops on the bottom. I had the thought of doing that originally with the chipboard dress, but putting paper around each scallop would be very time consuming.
The acrylic dress was designed and actually cut out by me on the scroll saw. My good friend, Camille, who has done other acrylics for me in the past, hence the teapot and jar, also has a version of the acrylic dress. There is a link to her blog on my favorites, check it out.
I was given my father's scroll saw a few years ago and didn't do anything with it. So this was my virgin voyage. I also cut out a special and new version of a Christmas Album. I will not share that at this time. I am in the process of getting my ideas copyrighted. I do know that large companies look for unique ideas from the stay-at-home scrapbooker and then put them out there as their own.
Enjoy the few photos I have put up. When I am finished I may post them all. I am just not sure yet.
Thanks for looking, remember try something new today. As you can see I do that myself. Happy scrappin'.

Monday, May 12, 2008


The above album is the accompanying album to the previous album. I had a request to make 2 albums, 1 for the graduate and 1 for mom. This is the Mom album. The paper and color choice is the same and the difference mainly is the word choices and the sayings. I chose sayings that a parent would say to a new grad for their future.
The album turned out very elegant and sophisticated. The concept is a great one. Inside the album, on the page before the last is a special album inside the album. It contains 8 pages that can be used to chuck full of those special senior year photos. This time in life is so very precious to all parents and the new graduate about to step out into the world and take it on. How exciting!
Take your time to look and any questions you have just email me or leave a comment.
Thanks for making me a part of your day.
Try something new today and happy scrappin'.

Friday, May 9, 2008

The concept of the acrylic album is to give depth and beauty to your scrapbooking. This album certainly does just that. The cover is shown with the school name and mascot. The mascot was hand drawn. Inside to the 1st page you have a special mat for a photo of the grad, her name and year of graduation. The rest of the album highlights interests, clubs and activities of the grad. I have a special multiple mat that flips open to reveal lots of places for photos and journaling. On the back page are 3 pull out tags. The large ones are made also for multiple photos and a smaller tag.
This album was a sheer pleasure to make. I made a parent album to compliment it. I will post the parent album on Sunday night or Monday morning. Absolutely loved doing these 2 complimentary albums for a special client. I may post the same one on ebay and list to sell a similiar one.
Thank you for checking in with me and Happy Mothers' Day on Sunday. My mom is alive and vibrant. A clear mind and a desire for word puzzles is her hobby. We are visiting her this weekend and bringing her home with us for a week's visit. Should be fun.
Happy Scrappin'.