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Monday, October 18, 2010

by Graphic45
As many of you know I am a Graphic45 "follower and user".  I love every line and get so excited when I make a g-45 project.  Here is my latest.  
A friend of mine gave me cigar boxes she got from her step-father. They are black, Cervantes and all wood.  Love these boxes!  What I did was cover the box and decoupage'd it for some glisten.  I then distressed it and added the cover elements.  The flowers are 3-d.  It is hard to see but the flowers are built on each other.  What I did was this.  I cut out each flower, 2 each.  One I left as is and the other I followed some of the flower lines, inside, and cut them, without cutting it out.  When I finished I wet them and scrunched.  I let them dry a few minutes then very carefully I unscrunched them.  This gave me the dimension I wanted.  I then put them each on their matching flower and let them dry.  When dry I lifted each cut and it opened up the flower.  Very nice look.  
The inside of the box has an envelope to put special "things" and on the bottom inside I had a 4 squared wooden holder.  I painted it black and glued it on.  If I were to use this myself, I would not have glued it, but since this is for display at a LSS I went ahead and fixed it.
Thanks for the opportunity to share my project with you.  It was a true delight and I will be sharing more soon.
Have a great day and happy scrappin'.  Remember to try something new today.

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