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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

PRINCESS Cover for 12x12 Scrapbook Album

PRINCESS Paper by Imaginisce
For a while I have been wanting to make the cover for a 12x12 album that was special for a princess. Below you will find my album cover. The photos will show you how to make your castle and mount it on your album. The castle design is my own design. I wanted 5 towers and a wall around the perimeter. My final design is all original and shows the amount of detail needed for a cover. Enjoy looking at the photos.

Above is the cover on blue paper with a few clouds in the background.
I chose a white 12x12 album made by Bazzill for the album. White is a great color because it will not conflict with your chosen colors and also looks so clean.

The blue paper was decoupage'd on the cover.
The first spire. You need to work from the back spire to the front. Building on each. This helps to create depth.
The scallops were cut on my Cricut and added individually. They were in sets of 4 scallops each which worked out well to allow me to customize and cut as needed.

Take your time as you glue on the scallops (roofing). Trim when all is dried creating an exact curvature.

All the base elements are completed and now the fun part comes. Decorating. Let your imagination run wild. Imagination - Imaginisce. They go together, that is one reason I chose this line of papers. They are so girlie, pink and the patterns are complimentary to each other.
The album finished from the side.
Add lots of bling, pearls and rub-ons. Think about what you would like your castle to look like. Then just "do it".

I hope you enjoyed this small tutorial. I will be happy to answer any and all questions. Feel free to ask me. Just have fun and create your heart's desire.
Remember to try something new today and happy scrappin'.
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