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Monday, April 27, 2009

12 x 12 Acrylic Scalloped Scrapbook
The beauty of this book makes it so special. The 12 x 12 size gives you so much room to add larger pictures and journaling. The cover is all hand painted, using paint pens and acrylic paints. Every other scallop, up and down, is enhanced with the hand painting. The painting will show through to the other side. Stickles are dotted around the scallops for an eye catching effect.
Using the Storybook cartridge for my Cricut, the large oval frames were made to encase a sweet picture of a little girl. The next page, 4, has the same frame, just opposite colors as page 3. On page 5 and 6 a large cutout flower is placed to the side and a line of pink flowers is added.
The last two pages are interesting. The frame is from the cut out flowers on page 5 and 6. I simply added ribbon and the flower inside the frame looks like it is suspended.
Acrylic scrapbooking has to be my all time favorite items to make. The layering is so important and carefully following the lines of your papers and the size of the book help to dictate how you will do the layering. Please take your time to look at the photos and I will answer any questions you may have.
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Monday, April 20, 2009

A sweet book that will hold all the photos of your favorite 'pal' (dog). The book is in the shape of a bone made of chipboard and laser cut. Very nice to work with. I cut the paper to match the outline of the bone, adhered it and decoupaged it. This step gives the book a real nice sheen and will repel soiling. There are so many places to put pictures of your pet and room for journaling. A very nice memento to keep or give.
The kit is offered for sale on .
Enjoy looking at the photos and happy scrappin. Remember, try something new today.
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Monday, April 6, 2009

COVER of the book.
The 2 rings that hold the book together have been covered with white fabric.
The waistband is a beautiful lace with white ribbon going through it. Also around the waist is a trim that is tiny white pearls and just a touch of pink.

White Acrylic Book
I have been wanting to make an all white acrylic dress book for a while. I have been planning it and finally I put it together. The layering process is so much clearer when you actually see the book. The photos above show it some, but the detail is what makes this book so special. I also used a small shot of pink that has been muted with the use of white vellum paper. The waistline on the front of the book has an edging that is all pearls and a small pink pearl in the center. These are the only places with color. Oh, the little rounded dots have a small amount of color.
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