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Monday, March 30, 2009


The front of the lunchbox tin.

Back of tin
Inside of lid a place for baby information.

There are 9 cards of different subjects, 18 sides.
All Me - A book that holds all important vital information, along with the
very important first photos.

The month of May will see a sweet addition to our family. My nephew and his sweet wife are expecting their first child, a boy. This will be my 3rd great-nephew. I made the above tin to send them when the baby is born. The keepsake tin will hold lots of information and very special items from the baby's first days. The information noted in the booklet and on the cards is priceless and can be easily passed on when the baby grows up and has a family of his own. He will have this tin to show to his kids. That can be so much fun when you look back on years gone by and see the information kept by other family members or personally. Tokens and other remembrances are poked into the tin and special places on the cards.
I am starting the little girl tin for my niece, who is expecting a girl next month. So needless to say everything on and in that tin will be pink and very girly. I will post photos when I am finished with it.
Remember to try something new today and happy scrappin'.

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Friday, March 27, 2009

Above is my newest project. I am making an all white album in the shape of a dress. It could be used for baptism/confirmation or first communion. A beautiful project.
All of my books are kept in the above china cabinet. Many of them are hard for me to part with and others I am thinking of selling.

Almost all of the above designs are original to me. Many of these books (about 98%) are designed by me, cut out on my scroll saw and decorated by me. I love my craft and I am always thinking and creating new designs.
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Remember, try something new today and happy scrappin'.
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Wednesday, March 25, 2009


This is the calm before the storm. I set up my scrap room for 6 scrappers. I can accommodate up to 10. All my "scrap-crap" is already there and everyone brought theirs as well.

The first day of our scrap. We started on Thursday morning and scrapped all the way through Sunday. What fun! We had lots to eat and we went to bed late and got up early. On Friday morning I made my specialty, Sandra's waffles. Ohhh, they were very tasty.

Sandy and Kathi are busy scrappin and didn't even look up. Kathi has been working on an album for her oldest son, Ben, who is graduating in 2 months. Don't mention that to Kathi, she gets teary. Very, very nice album and her layouts are unlike any you will see anywhere, not even in the best scrapping books. Outstanding!
Sandy created 2 very different albums. The first was for her son who shot his first deer. The album spelled out D E E R. We cut out the letters on the Cricut and we hand made the rest. Her second album was for her daughter's graduation. It said G R A D. This album was 8x16. Really big and plenty of room for those important graduation photos. Good job Sandy!

Tonja and Angie took some time out to watch something on the tv. Angie is working on heritage photos from her family. They are awesome. The layouts she is creating are outstanding and unlike anything else out there. Fantastic Angie! Tonja is just chilling on the couch. She had been working non stop on her layouts. I think she said she did either 12 or 19. I can't remember, anyways, wow, that is a lot to complete and each was different and very nice. Good going Tonja!

Angela, she is in a class of her own. She sat right across from me and we had a blast. Always happy and laughing and making me laugh at her jokes and sayings. Angela certainly put the word south in southern. Love her accent. Angela spent her time doing layouts of her two daughters, Jessie and Sanannah. How is that for southern names. The layouts were very pink, flowered and very beautiful. Angela discovered the beauty of Stickles. She ended ordering the full set. Have fun creating with your new toy, Stickles.
Hope you enjoy looking at my photos. We had so much fun and it is great to get away from our busy lives for 4 days and nights to play with our other passion, scrapping. We were all refreshed and ready to go home to family. A girl needs this time once in a while to invigorate her. Loved it and enjoyed all my friends gathering here where I could pamper them just a little bit. See you all soon, in the fall.
Try something new today and happy scrappin'.
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Monday, March 16, 2009

A call went out to every member of our team to make cards for a fellow design team member. The cards have to be used by both boys and girls. We were to make at least 25 cards. I think I ended up with 100 cards. I tried to appeal to both boys and girls. I left the inside blank so the sender could write a letter or message to the recipient.
Hopefully my cards will be used and be able to bring a certain amount of comfort to those who receive them.
Thank you Lime-Light team for this opportunity, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
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Monday, March 2, 2009

Acrylic Scrapbook
The above book was a joy to make. I used different techniques and lots of inking to distress the pages and some flowers. The paper and flowers are new from Prima. They caught my eye and I just had to incorporate them into a vintage style book. The colors are new from Prima and I added metal flowers and brads for extra accent and an eye catching effect. The brown and rose colored laces were included in the Prima package of papers. Just beautiful. The smaller first page is also from Prima. I had it left from a project I did for a contest. It seem to fit my idea for this album and so I made it the cover and first page of the album. Lots of old laces and trims were used all through the album.
Take your time and enjoy the photos. Have a great day and happy scrappin'.

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