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Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Final Lesson Of Our Series

1. Photo #1 , 2 & 7 The final 2 pages! The first page of this series is fairly simple to put together. Cut a plain base, followed by a printed sheet to fit inside. Adhere printed to base. Next cut the right sheet. Cut a sheet to fit a little more that 1/2 way. Indent and adhere. Refer to photo. I used a piece of the mini scalloped used in lesson #6. Cut another sheet to fit inside of the scalloped sheet just cut. Indent and adhere. Along the left side of the mini scallop sheet you will be cutting and adhering a piece of lace.
Adhere lace. If you have the room to add a small piece of ric rac do so now. Mount this piecing to the paper bag. Adhere with clothes pins. Let dry.

2. Photo #5 & 6 We will work on the final page first. Cut your main paper to fit about 1" inside the dress. The mini scalloped paper left from 2 lessons ago will be perfect for the scallops of the skirt. Cut it to fit the bottom of the base paper. Attach to bottom. Then using decorative scissors cut 2 accent colors to be placed between the paper and the mini scallop seam. Refer to photo. Attach all to the back-inside dress. Use clothes pins for a nice overall adherence.
3. Photo # 3 Overall look at the last 2 pages.
4. Photo #4 Shows the type of paper lace used in this project. Just peel off the back and you are ready to stick down. Very nice product.
5. Photo 8 & 9 Put the front and the back together. Lay flat, front up. Thread lightweight ribbon through the matching holes that were previously made. Tie pretty bows. Do not pull tight, leave a little loose. Set the dress up and it should stand by itself.
6. Photo 10 At the bottom, on the front of the dress. Spell out the name of the person you made the book for.
We finished the whole project together. I would like feedback from you. Please send it to my email address. Not everyone want to be a member of gmail, so just send your comments to the email.
Your email will really help me. Please feel free to address any issues or unclear steps you had with this project. Your honest feedback will help me next time.
Thank you for being a part of this project and I look forward to the next time. Until then,
Be happy scrappin'

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Camille said...

Cute! I'm getting ready to try a little dress album.. I hope it will turn out as well.