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Saturday, February 16, 2008



1. Photo #1 and #2 at top of page: Trace your pattern onto the back of your paper choice. When finished add about 1/4" all around the pattern. You need this to fold over the dress. Cut it out, following the outside line. You can look closely at the photo and see how I did it. Cut out both the front and back covers of the book.

2. Photo #3 and 4: Put adhesive on the right side of the pattern and attach the paper pattern to it. Be sure to follow your pattern lines. Smooth out with your hands. A good dry paper glue will work fine. On the next step, look real close at the photo and you will see how I cut the pattern every so often so the dress paper will lay smoothly all the way around. In the arms and neck the cuts need to be smaller and closer together. Using a good glue (wet) go around the pattern and glue to the chipboard pattern. Repeat this on both chipboard patterns.

3. Photo #5 : Choose your ribbon and apply it to the front of dress pattern. Make your bow.

4. Photo #6: Apply the trim at the sleeves, hemline, and neckline. On both the front and back of the book.

5. Photo #7: This photo gives you an idea about how the trim should look. I chose a trim that would go around the neck, sleeves very easily. Something flexible.

6. Photo #8: The last one in this series. This is what the front of the book should look like when you have finished with this lesson. The back of the book should look the same, only do not add the ribbon for the bow. There is not a bow on the back.

That is today's lesson. My computer acted up a bit today so I am running late. All is fixed now and we are running fine.
Tomorrow is Sunday, and I will continue on Monday. Have a great day. Till next time,


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