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Friday, February 15, 2008

Today is the day, let's begin.
I will begin this 1st lesson with the top photo and work my way down.
1. The top photo will show you that the dress book we are going to make
is 11" tall by 10" wide. I started with this photo first because I wanted you to see the actual size of your book.
2. Photo # 2 shows that you will need 2 pieces of 12x12 chipboard or the backing of paper stacks. Lots of times if you go to your local scrapbook store, they will give you these pieces of board for no cost. When their paper arrives from the vendors each is divided with this type of paperboard. Just ask.
3. Photo #3 gives you the pattern for this project. Copy it off and use a copier to get it to the size of 11" high by 10" wide. After you make your pattern, cut it out and you are ready to trace.
4. Photo #4 shows you how the dress will look with front and back of the book. Trace and cut out. This is only the pattern for the front and back of the book.
5. Paper Quilting: Choose the papers you want for this project. If you have a recipient in mind you may want to choose colors likable to them. Take your time, mix and move around until you get the colored effect you want.
For this project I used:
De'ja' Views - Sharon Ann Collection - Dots on Pink
De'ja' Views - Sharon Ann Collection - Green & White Check
De'ja' Views - Sharon Ann Collection - Brown w/Random Dots
The Paper Studio - Pink & Brown Flowers
Bazzill Basics - Green
Bazzill Basics - Pink
Bazzill Basics - Brown w/Mini Scallops
De'ja' Views - Sharon Ann Collection - Pink w/Random Dots
De'ja' Views - Sharon Ann Collection - Pink & Brown Random Stripes
De'ja' Views - Sharon Ann Collection - Pink & Brown Circles
De'ja' Views - Sharon Ann Collection - Pink & Brown Large Stripes
Pebbles Inc. - Nellie's Garden Tiny Flowers
Pebbles Inc. - Nellie's Garden - Words
De'ja' Views - #'s and Letters
6. The final photo shows you some of the laces, and ribbons I chose for the project. Take a peek back at the top photo. You will see how some of the ribbon and trim will be used.
Tomorrow we will be ready for the next step. I am giving you time to make your pattern and make your paper quilt.
Till then,

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