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Sunday, February 17, 2008


1. Photo #1 - Add the ribbon to the back of the dress. Attach firmly.
2. Photo #2 - Lay both the back (down) and front (down) side by side.
3. Photo #3 - Choose the bags you are going to use. Approximate size used in the photo are 6" by 12 1/2" tall. I chose the white bags. You can use white or any color to go with the major colors in this project.
4. Photo #4 - Fold the bags in half. Crease at center. Be sure crease is set tight. Clothes pins. I used the pincher clothes pins to keep the bags from slipping while I am sewing them. Using a pencil make a line in the crease about 1" in on both sides of bags. This will give you a straight line to sew them together.
5. Photo #5 & 6 - Attaching the inside dress to both covers. Put the adhesive on the back of both back and front. Next on the 1/2" perimeter use a wet glue all around the edge. Do not over glue. Attach the dress by laying in place. All around the edge use the pincher clothes pins to hold together. This will insure that your edges are down and glueing together.
I know it looks stange, but it works. Lay aside for about 10 to 15 minutes.
6. Photo #7 & 8 - Mounting the bags on the back cover. Line up the bags and give yourself about 1 - 2" from the bottom edge. Line the bags so they are straight across. You may have an overlap at the top. That's ok, you can trim that. Once you have them where you want, hold down with the pinchers (clothes pins). Put in your sewing machine, as shown in the photo. Sew along your drawn line. You can back up, but only for a few stitches. Take off machine and do not cut the thread yet.
7. Photo #9 & 10 - Glue the ends with a glue pen. Set aside. When glue dries, clip ends, close.
8. Photo #11 - Turn the back over. You now have a line on the back from attaching the bags to the dress. If you have some paper lace with adhesive backing, now we will use it. Just take it across the back, from side to side. This covers up the thread. Gives a nice finished look.
9. Photo #12 & 13 - Lay the 2 dress covers neck to neck, right side up for both. At the top of the 2 sleeves on both the back and front of the dress, make a mark for grommets. Center the two marks. Next using a small punch, or small setting on your crop-a-dile make 2 holes on each shoulder. Insert gommett and attach. There will be 2 on each shoulder, 8 total.
10. Photo 14 & 15 - Shows grommets after attachment.
Take time to look at the edges of the front and back cover to be sure there is not overlap showing after adding the back to both pages. If there is trim back as needed for a talored finished look.
Tomorrow we will start building our pages. Pick out all the embellishments and lettering that you may want to use. It is a good idea to have a lot to choose from.
Till then,
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