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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

1. Photo #1 - Gives you an overall view of what we will do today. The first and second pages of this book.
2. Photo #2 - The embellishments you chose are different from the ones I actually used. I am going to give you an overall look at what to place, and where. At the top of the bottom of the dress, inside of cover, you need to use a striking accent. I used 3 flowers. Glue them on. Next I put 3 sticker flowers inside each.
3. Photo #3 & 4 - Next cut your photo mat and adhere it below the 3 flowers. Center it. Then outline it with lace or any other embellishment to bring attention and finish to the mat. Under the photo mat the word ME. The person you are making the book for, their name can go here instead of me.
4. Photo 5 & 6 - Page 2, or the first page of the paper bag album, is built using the same main paper as on the upper page. What I did was to choose a base paper, then cut out the photo mat to match the one above. This helps to give the 2 pages similarity. I then chose a very sheer ribbon to add and then adhered it to the page. The ribbon will help to hold down the photo used. Be sure to glue the page down firmly. This is a good place to glue and pinch down all the way around with clothes pins. In the right lower corner I added another sticker flower just for interest. At the top center I added a die cut flower to match the 3 on the previous page. Added bling to the center. Just below it, in the white part of the first page, I used sweetheart with a small flower at the end of it.
Enjoy, and talk to you tomorrow. for any questions.

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