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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Of Upstate New York
This is my last installment of New York pictures. As you can see, I love old barns. There are 2 newly painted barns stuck in with these photos, but overall the older the better for me. The top photo was taken right after the little blue schoolhouse at an old farm that was completely overgrown. The barn was partly marsh. At least where I was standing. I tried to get a good picture through the tall grasses and some bull rushes. Really intrigued by this one. I think that is what help to start me off in the quest for quaint barns. I tried to find some that were completely rundown and maybe only partly standing.
The weathered barn wood is sometimes sold at a premium now days. As a matter of fact I painted pictures on barn wood years ago and sold them at consignment stores.
Enjoy the pictures and leave me a note once in a while. I would love to hear from you, let me know what you think.
Thanks for checking in and happy scrappin'.

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LiveLaughScrap said...

Oh Sandra. I just love your New York pictures. You need to write a book. Your descriptions are awesome. I felt as if I could smell all the scents & feel the breeze. I especially like the lake pics. I love being around the water.

mudmaven said...

I have really enjoyed your series of NY photos. Having grown up in NW PA, most of these look so familiar and remind me of home! Thanks for sharing them with us. ~chris

Jess said...

I really enjoyed your photos and your descriptions of them. I also love old barns so I thought these photos were especially wonderful!