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Tuesday, September 15, 2009


The use of metallic tape, wire mesh and embroidery thread.
Pages 2 and 3
Newspaper cut flower, brad, cut flower that has the edges rolled.
Pages 4 and 5
Pages 6 and 7
Page 8
The front cover and back of the book spread out.

I finished the metallic/acrylic book. It is not titled and I thought I would leave that for the person that purchases the book. It will also give them plenty of places to use pictures and add any special ephemera that will add to their subject. The book turned out better than I expected. I was wondering how to bring it together, but as you can see, as the pages were built on each other, that was not a problem.
The book has a very tailored look and to go along with its uniqueness. I am so pleased that I tried this method and will do it again sometime.
Hope you enjoyed following the book and that it turned out as you expected. Remember try something new today and happy scrappin'.

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Crystal said...

so very beautiful! i love how it is pretty and edgy at the same time! you did a gorgeous job and i love your use of the mesh! hugs!