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Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Canning Time

As many of you know I was in Florida last week canning fruit and vegetables with my daughter, Kristeen.  Here is the 'fruits' of our labor.  The temp outside was into the 100's and the temp inside was well into the 80's.  Needless to say we were hot, sweaty and by night very tired.

The first thing we tackled were all the tomatoes.  What you see above is mine.  Kris had 10 more quarts.  So total we got 20 quarts from 4 bushels of tomatoes we bought from the Amish for 8.00 per box.  Fabulous!!

Our 2nd project was the corn.  We purchased 2 overflowing bushels of fresh corn on the cob from the Amish at 15.00 per bushel.  We harvested 21 quarts from the 2 bushels.  Can you believe it!!!!!

Our final project was 2 bushels of fresh peaches.  We made our own simple syrup from fruit pectin.  No sugar.  We each got  15 quarts per bushel.  So we ended up canning 30 quarts of peaches.  
We had fun working together.  
Our next plan is to both try our hand at applesauce.  Remember our food has no preservatives or sugar.  We have gone completely natural and we are healthier for it!
Today I am making my spaghetti sauce.  I got 2 bushels more of tomatoes and I just finished putting it in the roaster to cook down and I will can it later today.  Bill is out shucking all the corn.  We are going to freeze our corn.  We cut it off the cobs and I put 2 cups in bags for the freezer.  
Well, folks, I think that is enough for today.  Whew, I am tired already, but a good and satisfying tired.  Tomorrow is church and I will be glad for the day of rest.
Have a great weekend, and I will be scrapping all these photos and sharing.
Remember, try something new today and happy scrappin'.
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fairyrocks said...

Wow thats a whole lotta preserving!!