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Monday, January 9, 2012


I know I have posted the first 2 pages of my newest Christmas book.  Well... here is the rest of "the story".  
Basically Bare 8x10 multi surface book.

Cover with Christmas tree made with strips of paper that have been ruffled.  In between each row is a ball trim.  

Pages 1 and 2.  
On page 2 is a part of a vintage collar this is the background of the photo mats.  These are 2 acrylic pages that are separated in the middle.  

Pages 3 and 4.
The 2 split pages (#3) highlight an envelope to put special items in.
Page 4 is beautiful with Santa checking out the toys and the kids looking in.  Just lift the page and open up a beautiful mat for photos.

Inside photo mat.  The 2 bears hold down the Santa cover.

Pages 5 and 6
2 blue photo mat that you can slip your picture under the diagonal red strip.  Page 6 is also split, but not acrylic.  The 2 pages are envelopes with pic mats on the front and back.

Pages 7 and 8
The back of page 7 (the 2 envelopes) and page 8 featuring a portrait of St. Nick.  

Pages 9 and 10
Page 9 is a large open photo mat with each corner allowing for the picture to slip under the corner decoration.   Page 10 features 2 smaller photo mats under the little girl holding poinsettias.  Really cute.  Also if you notice on page 10 (which is made of canvas) I have fringed the edge.

Page 11 and 12
Canvas page 11 has a Victorian photo mat that will allow for a photo to slip into the mat from the left side of the frame.  Page 12 is also a family photo mat on the last page of the book.

The back cover and the front cover of the book.  A fitting end to the uniqueness and beauty of this book.

Thank you so much for checking out my blog today.  I trust everyone is settled into our new year and ready for new ideas, techniques and products.
Take time to look at my photos and I would love to hear from you.
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