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Saturday, December 29, 2007

The "LOVES" Of My Life

Whenever I think of love, want love or need love my grandchildren always come to mind. Now that we are living so close to them, it is truly a blessing that we enjoy every day. They range in ages from Ben 16, Andy 15, Caleb 12, Beka 7, Sarah 6, Jacob 5, Rachael 3 and Hannah 13 mo.

We have the whole spectrum of ages, likes and dislikes. They are so much fun, and bring to us a constant change of everyday life.

2008 is just around the corner and we are looking forward to a great year. Our son in law will be coming home from the Middle East and we thank the Lord everyday for his safety and the safety of the other military men, women and families. We have learned in the past year that it is not only the soldier who goes to war, but the whole family. The family battlefield here at home presents a different type of challenge and is just as important as the one deployed abroad. We pray for all the military families and ask for safety for them all.

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