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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Hand-Painting on Acrylic

A most unique and very personal way to add depth and beauty to your acrylic album. Don't be afraid to just let it go and freehand your painting. You can also use stencils and/or patterns. Experiment and do what you feel. If you make a mistake, just use the alcohol to take it off and start over. Remember: "THERE ARE NO MISTAKES IN SCRAPBOOKING". This a very personal medium for your personal expression. Just like in quilting, charm and imperfectness add to the love and time you personally put into the project.

Here are a few quick and easy techniques.

A Brushing Effect - Pour the paint onto your flat palette surface , dip the brush into paint and using a long brush stroke onto the page in a desired pattern.

Stamping - Pour paint onto palette. Dip a cosmetic sponge, or paint onto stamp directly. Next, sponge onto a decorative stamp, covering the entire surface. Immediately stamp onto surface. Repeat as needed to create your desired effect and/or design.

As you try many different types of stamping, painting, doodling, sponging, and stenciling, don't be afraid to create you own technique. These very creative and personal effects will give your pe project a WOW effect. Very nice.

Thank you and have fun creating.
Tea 4 Two Originals Design Team Leader
Scrappersaurus Design Team

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