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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


A very special and different type of album for me. I made the cover of the album with a paper mache' letter F. Each piece of paper was decoupaged on. I then decorated the letter and attached the book onto the back of the letter. The book is 12" x 8" wide. A very nice size and will accommodate quite a number of photos. The tags for this book were made from old postcards. I just love the cards from the 1930 - 40's era. The colors and subject matter are so in tune with my theme. There are 8 pages total and each is chucked full of ephemera and tags. I had fun with this book.
I know you would love to try one. I will not say it is easy, but it is doable. Take your time and check out my photos. If you have any questions feel free to email me. Have a great day and remember to try something new today.
Happy scrappin'.
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Crystal said...

OMG! this is absolutely fabulous! i love vintage and i think this is just perfect in so many ways! i love all the detail you got into it too! you did an amazing job girl! hugs!