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Sunday, January 31, 2010


Butterflies, pleated paper, paper bow, leaves, origami flowers, this little
basket has it all.

A few months ago as I was surfing through a few blogs, I saw a little Christmas basket something like this one. Mine is different and has quite a few different elements to it. I love the origami flowers and they are so easy to make. On a previous entry, I gave the directions on how to make these flowers. Check it out. In the basket is shredded paper, stick pins, and leaves that are highlighted with glitter from PK Glitz. I absolutely love their product and it is so easy and fun to use. The little curly cues are made from the same paper, just wet it, and pencil wrap it. This sweet little display is so easy to make and so much fun at the same time.
You all know that my fav adhesive is from Helmar.  Gosh that is the greatest "stuff"!  It is so easy to use.  On this project I used the adhesive runner, zapdots, spray adhesive and of course my all time fav, liquid scrap dots.  
Give it a try and happy scrappin'.

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Crystal said...

this is beyond stunning! my gosh! so absolutely beautiful and the detail is phenomenal! you are so amazingly talented my friend! sorry i haven't been by in awhile! so busy at home and work! hugs!