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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Amish Farm
Scottsville, KY

Today was my annual 'get everything I need for winter' from my favorite Amish Farm.  I usually go once a week all spring and summer long to get my fresh produce and fruit.  I just love this place.  So today I decided to capture a picture of the farm itself and if you look in the distance at the farm house you will see smoke coming out of the chimney.  I also went to the 'Jam House', and the dry goods store.  They were fully stocked and the wonderful smells are worth the trip.
This one of the most relaxing and enjoyable trips I make each week and I have learned to talk to the people and created a little relationship with them.  They also recognize me when I enter.  That is so nice. 
Lately, also, I have been reading a lot of books on Amish life, as seen through the eyes of Beverly Lewis.  I just love her books and she is spot on and truthful.
Thanks for letting me share my day with you and I have some fantastic photos of projects I will be sharing shortly.
Remember, try something new today and happy scrappin'.

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